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At RFT you will never just be a number, we will get to know you and your goals. Your goal becomes our goal. We together will undertake this journey of health. We are known for our holistic approach to health, where we individualise your training, nutrition, and lifestyle to meet you where you are at, with exactly what you need. We will transform your lifestyle.

We are putting the personal back into personal training, supporting your goals at a whole new level!

& Weight Loss

We are real, we take a very holistic approach to your health and fitness goals allowing you to transform your body while also transforming your mind. Our goal is to bridge the gap between mind and body, being not just physically fit, but also being mentally stronger.
Our focus is to meet you where you are at, shifting habits and focusing on your long term intentions.

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Think you know group training? Think again. We are redefining your group training experience with our Semi Private personal training. We bring the level of service, attention, care and support you have come to expect of a 1-1 Coach and bring it to our small group coaching with only 9 per class with your very own coach. You will be surrounded by like-minded individuals and form connections beyond just your training.

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1-1 Personal

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, participate in your first event or just find the health and wellness you deserve, we will not only have the right program but we will have the right trainer for you who can provide you with a very specific, easy to follow plan that will slide into your current lifestyle. You will be guided and supported throughout your journey whilst being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

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Online Personal Training

Our online program brings the best parts of our coaching services to you no matter your location in the world. We can help you improve your body composition, reclaim your health, re-energise your body, improve your strength, mobility and so much more. No sacrificing your health, no workout burnout, no unsustainable dieting strategies, our focus is to create results that will last.

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