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Our vision is to give you back control over your health and wellness by educating and empowering you to be your best and live your best life. We’ll help you bridge the gap between where you feel like you are at now and where you want to get yourself to.

Real Fitness Training offers a new ideology when it comes health and fitness. Our belief is one of long-term, sustainable results, built on a foundation of education around movement and nutrition, empathy and coaching. Our service is highly personalised, tailored to each individual client and provides a fitness experience like no other. Offering high quality personal training, structured semi private strength training, nutrition coaching around habits, yoga and meditation classes and monthly educational workshops, our boutique studio truly encompasses the concept of health, wellbeing and community. The days of having to join a gym where you may feel uncomfortable and intimidated are over. We provide the most personalised and friendly service, a very unique fitness experience within our beautiful boutique studio. Attention to detail, meticulous service and a truly rewarding fitness experience is what we pride ourselves on.


Our Core Philosophy is all about balance – we understand that
there is so much more to health and wellness than just being physically fit and strong.

We’ve identified four core pillars for optimal health and wellness:





We believe that if one of these elements is removed, forgotten or neglected in your life, the others will begin to suffer. We are all unique people, we all live very different lives, have different health histories and very different lifestyles. We know that we can't put everyone into the one box. What works for one person may not be suitable for the next. That’s why our personal training works – it’s PERSONAL!

Have you ever joined a gym where in the initial meeting they were fantastic, helpful and super welcoming only for you to be forgotten about a week later… At Real Fitness that won’t happen. We analyse each individual to determine exactly what they require to achieve these goals, taking the guesswork out of their movement and nutrition requirements. Start a fitness program that sets you up for success right from the start


At Real Fitness Training we don’t just count your reps or throw you on a treadmill. Our mission is to deliver a 5 star wellness experience with trainers who genuinely care about you and your health. We will go above and beyond to get your health back on track and we won’t accept any compromises when it comes to your health.

Your success is a journey, not a destination. We believe nutrition is the key to health and wellness while movement is the key to youth and longevity. Our goal is to get you moving better, functioning better and looking better, so you can get the most out of life. We do this through empowering and educating our clients on the core foundations of Real Fitness Movement- Mindset- Nutrition- Education.

At Real Fitness Training we focus on long term success through sustainable eating and exercise habits. We lead from the front, we motivate and we inspire.

Meet The Founders

Mitchell Phillips

Mitchell has been a highly sought after personal trainer and leader in the fitness industry for the past seven years, and has run his own boutique studio, Real Fitness Training, for the past three. Mitchell is passionate about encouraging movement and transforming not just the body, but the mind.His highly supportive, informed and personalised coaching style has ensured that many of his clients have trained with him for years. Is it any wonder? His above-and beyond approach to service once saw him drive from the Hills in Sydney to Batemans Bay to watch a client compete an Olympic distance triathlon, then head back to ride the Tour De Hills cycling event with another client, before concluding his day by helping a third client move house! When not training clients (or cheering them on as they achieve their own fitness goals), Mitch enjoys spending time with his partner in work and in life, Vicky, and playing with his puppy Charlie.

“I once had a client say to me, ‘You have given me my life back.” Hearing things like that makes it worth the 3:45am starts and the late nights. There is nothing that makes me prouder than knowing I have helped someone not only achieve their health and fitness goals, but smash them.”

- Mitchell
Vicky Van De Luecht

Vicky is a human dynamo and thought leader in the fitness industry. Her nurturing and contagiously enthusiastic personality, combined with her expertise and passion for strength training, yoga and nutrition, have resulted in her having an almost cult- like following with members.Passionate about education both in the one-on-one coaching dynamic, and as a facilitator of group seminars on topics as diverse as how to read food labels to how to find balance in our lives, Vicky is a natural born communicator and skilled, dynamic media commentator. Vicky is a mum, business owner, wife, so really understands the journey as a mother and loves empowering women to look after themselves as it's the greatest gift we can give our loved ones.

“In the past I worked and trained in big commercial gyms and I really noticed how much the personal touch was missing in these; I never felt members there truly felt at home. What I love about our space is that it nurtures the whole person and feels like a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. My clients tell me that joining us at RFT hasn’t only changed their bodies, but their mindset and, in turn, their lives. That’s so much more rewarding to hear than the fact they may also have dropped a dress size!”

- Vicky
Assistant Manager Damon Smith

Meet Damon, a passionate personal trainer who has been in the industry for five years. When it comes to food, he can't choose between his love for ice cream, red meat, and Mexican cuisine - they are all his favourites!In his downtime, Damon enjoys training and playing rugby league. As a coach, he specialises in applying progressive overload to his clients' programs, helping them improve their movements over time with the right plan in place.Seeing his clients achieve their goals and the difference it makes in their lives is what Damon loves most about his job. He takes pride in making a positive impact on his clients' physical and mental wellbeing.What sets Damon apart as a coach is his ability to be empathetic and caring while still providing each individual with what they need. He truly cares about his clients' success and well-being.Damon loves coaching within the RFT community because it's a supportive and inclusive environment. Everyone is supportive of one another and cheers each other on in their pursuit of health. The connections and conversations he's able to have every day make him a better person, and he's proud to be a part of such a positive community.

Meet The Coaches

Coach Corey

Corey, a seasoned personal trainer, embodies the philosophy of leading by example. He firmly believes in never asking a client to do something he hasn't done or wouldn't do himself. Corey's journey into personal training was ignited by a deep-rooted passion for fitness nurtured during his formative years. Witnessing the transformative power of training in his own life inspired him to guide others on their fitness journeys.

Armed with certifications including CERT III & IV in Fitness and a Bachelor in High-Performance Sport, Corey is equipped to tailor training programs precisely to his clients' needs. His approach isn't just about achieving goals; it's about making the journey enjoyable and sustainable. Corey prioritises understanding his clients' preferences and interests, integrating exercises they love while effectively working towards their objectives.

What sets Corey apart is his commitment to making training enjoyable. He doesn't believe in being a drill sergeant; instead, he infuses every session with energy, positivity, and a sense of fun. But make no mistake, when it's time to work, Corey and his clients work hard.

One of Corey's proudest moments as a trainer is fostering a culture of consistency and passion among his clients. Watching them eagerly return week after week, motivated and loving their training, is the ultimate testament to their collaborative efforts.

In helping clients achieve their fitness goals, Corey prioritises simplicity and realism. He provides practical advice that empowers his clients to make sustainable lifestyle changes, leading to long-term success.

Outside of training, you'll find Corey indulging in his favourite pastimes: savouring coffee, soaking up the sun at the beach, and, of course, hitting the weights. As a personal trainer, Corey not only promotes a balanced lifestyle but lives it himself, embodying the principles of health and vitality in everything he does.

Coach Renee

Introducing Coach Renee, a passionate personal trainer dedicated to empowering individuals to reach their full potential. With a focus on providing knowledge, motivation, and unwavering support, Renee is committed to guiding clients on transformative fitness journeys.

Renee's inspiration to become a personal trainer stems from her upbringing as an active child deeply involved in sports. Personal injury experiences during her HSC years reinforced her dedication to health and fitness. Opting for a path in Exercise Physiology, Renee's mission is to in-still confidence, strength, and make a positive impact through personalised training.Armed with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Renee is well-equipped to tailor training programs to suit individual needs. Recognising that every client is unique, she ensures programs align with specific goals, injuries, skill levels, and, most importantly, enjoyment.

What sets Renee's approach apart is her emphasis on meeting clients where they are. Rather than solely focusing on intensity, she prioritises technique, comfort, and exercises tailored to each individual's capabilities.

Renee's biggest success stories lie in witnessing clients overcome chronic illness and injury to regain freedom of movement, lift weights confidently, and reclaim their self-assurance.Motivation is at the heart of Renee's coaching philosophy. As your biggest fan, she believes unwavering support and encouragement are essential ingredients for achieving fitness goals.Outside of training, Renee finds joy in spending quality time with her family and friends, nurturing relationships and finding balance beyond the gym. With Coach Renee by your side, you can embark on a fitness journey filled with support, empowerment, and meaningful progress.

Coach Scott

Meet Scott, a dedicated personal trainer on a mission to help others lead better lives through improving all aspects of their health and fitness. With a profound passion for empowering individuals to achieve their goals while enjoying the journey, Scott's approach is rooted in personalised, effective methods

.Scott holds an impressive array of certifications and qualifications, including Level 5 PT certification, CrossFit L-2, HITT training, strength training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, and pre/post-pregnancy expertise through REPs NZ. With this extensive knowledge base, Scott tailors each training program to suit his clients' unique backgrounds and health considerations.

What sets Scott apart is his broad expertise and experience in health and fitness. Having personally explored numerous training programs and styles, Scott can confidently provide tailored solutions that work, helping clients avoid ineffective approaches.

Scott's biggest success stories go beyond physical transformations. While clients initially seek improvements such as weight loss, muscle building, or enhanced athleticism, Scott observes profound mental health benefits as well. Through their journey, clients often exceed their initial goals, experiencing a holistic transformation that encompasses both physical and mental well-being.

In Scott's hands, achieving fitness goals becomes a collaborative journey marked by support, expertise, and personalised attention. His holistic approach ensures that clients not only reach their targets but also surpass their own expectations, emerging healthier, happier, and more fulfilled.

Coach Jasmin

Introducing Coach Jas, a dynamic personal trainer dedicated to transforming lives through health and fitness. With a unique approach centred on creating a supportive community and fostering lasting lifestyle changes, Jas is committed to helping clients achieve their goals while finding joy in the journey.

Inspired by the profound impact of community support and the fulfilment of helping others succeed, Jas embarked on a journey to become a personal trainer. Armed with Cert 3+ 4 in fitness, boxing certification, and ongoing training towards women’s health certification, Jas is equipped with the knowledge and skills to guide clients towards their goals.

At the heart of Jas's coaching philosophy is a commitment to tailoring training programs to fit each client's individual needs. Recognising that everyone is different, Jas ensures that every program is customised to optimise results and cater to unique preferences and requirements.

What sets Jas's training approach apart is the focus on creating a holistic lifestyle centred around health and fitness. Beyond simply achieving fitness goals, Jas prioritises cultivating habits that lead to long-term well-being, fostering a happy and safe space for clients to thrive.

Jas's biggest success lies in helping clients not just reach their goals, but fall in love with health and fitness along the way. By emphasising the importance of the journey and the process, Jas empowers clients to embrace a healthier lifestyle that extends far beyond the gym.

For Jas, helping clients achieve their fitness goals goes beyond the physical; it's about nurturing a love for health and fitness that transforms lives. With Coach Jas as your guide, you'll discover a supportive community, personalised training, and a pathway to lasting wellness and happiness.

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