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Bridge the gap between where you are right now with your health and where you want to be with our BLUEPRINT SESSION.

You shouldn’t have to go at it alone. The first step in getting started with RFT is a Blueprint Session. It can be quite intimidating walking into a gym for the first time unsure of how it works and what will work best for you. Our focus in this session is establishing how we can best assist you on your journey to better health and wellness.

The RFT Personal Approach


Alignment Session

You talk, we listen; Together we will uncover what makes up your current lifestyle, habits and goals. From there our health coaches will help you define a path that will allow yo to begin to work towards them utilising our sustainable approach


Mastermind Session

What we don’t measure won’t change; Gain an in-depth insight to exactly where you are currently at in terms of Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Hydration etc. From there your coach will utilise the information gained to build you out an individualised training and nutrition strategy to ensure quality and sustainable results


Move and Feel

Train at your pace under the care and instruction of our coaches. Each session we will build your confidence and increase the intensity whilst improving your technique. Continue to build habits through our weekly accountability and coaching to help you achieve your goals.



Every 4 weeks we have a realignment session where we will check in, complete a few measurements and re scan to see how we are progressing, from there we are able to update and make any necessary changes to your program to ensure your every success.

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