If you are like many of us being perfect is always what you strive or wish to be. Failing is what we fear. We have found by being perfect actually limits us. Yes limits you? But how? Well failing opens up a place of growth. Also by always being perfect we fear failure which means we are usualy less likely to do things that we fear.

How to rid fear of failing?

• Celebrate your failures, with your spouse or loved ones, celebrate what you failed- this will help you become comfortable with failing and see its not that scary
• Do something that scares you weekly. It may be just saying “Gday” to your neighbor that you last had a falling out with, or it may be to ask your boss for a promotion, or to do a yoga pose or event that gives you the tingles when you think about it
• Learn from it- life is to short to not fail and learn from it. Some of the greatness things were created from failing and learning from it. I find I am constantly failing and learning from them. You don’t know till you don’t know.

Have fun and laugh, life is to short to always take the serious approach. If you really sucked at something, don’t beat yourself up. Just acknowledge it and move forward postiviely. Each day, each moment if you know your working towards your goal then that is what counts. Especially with your health, failing is just your perception, maybe you didn’t reach that goal for the week or eat 100% correctly, but if beat yourself up and let it get the best of you then you will just keep going down that path. Accept and move forward positively.

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