An amazing client, friend and a long term member within RFT

His work ethic, drive and willingness to always push the limits is incredible.

PK’s been with us for closing on 6 years now! Time has flown, and I am ever so grateful for his presence within our community!

Started PT with me back in March of 2022 and we were able to get to get below the 20’s in his Fat, currently 18%, with goals of going even lower to 15. Got no doubt we’ll achieve this!!

PK comes in for 3 PT’s with me, Walks every morning 5KM’s. Stretches daily too! And is tracking his food and striving to stay on top of his water!!

Always admire PK’s mindset. Hardworking, dedicated. A dad to 2 lovely children and a husband to Cecilia! Beyond keen to see what 2023 has in store for your health and fitness PK. Let’s continue to crush it legend!

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