Michael has become MR consistency over the last 9 months and has been getting result after result!

6 months ago Michael had been in a deficit of 1800cal for a long while losing a lot of Body Fat and overall weight. After becoming stagnant in weight loss we adjusted and began a reverse dieting phase which has lead Michael to the following results;

1. Increased his calories from 1800 to 2800 cals.

2. Dropped 1.8kg body weight

3. Gained 1kg Skeletal Muscle Mass

4. Lost 3% BF and is sitting under 20%

Michaels consistency through his;

1. Food tracking

2. Protein intake

3. Daily steps

4. 3 weight sessions a week

Is what has produced these awesome results!!

Awesome Job Michael you are smashing it each and every week and we are proud of your efforts and can’t wait to see how much more progress you can make

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