Meet Marsha

Marsha has recently reached her 1 year anniversary at RFT! She joined Real Fitness with the intention of making some lifestyle changes to help her work around her hashimotos and make changes to her body composition by reducing her body fat and gaining some muscle mass.

Over the first 6 months she had an up and down start where she saw some quick wins but this slowed down. Over the past 6 months we refined her plan to make it more sustainable to her lifestyle and personalised to herself. They key here has been eating more earth made food and meeting her protein requirements. Combine this with weight training 3 times per week has been a recipe for success.

Over the past 6 months she has:

1. Dropped 12 kgs

2. Dropped 12% in Body fat

3. Built Built 2 kgs of muscle mass

4. Doubled her strength

Marsha the whole of RFT are so proud of you ! Keep up the amazing work !!

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