Kellie Burns was stuck doing high amounts of cardio, in and out of 1200 calorie dieting, and not getting the results she once could get using this method. Menopause left her 13 kgs heavier, feeling frustrated and exhausted not only physically but emotionally. I mean Kellie was trying! She was training consistently but the method she once used was just not working. Kel, felt like she was trying everything to get a result until her RFT coaches Vicky, Mitch and Damon decided to flip it all on its head.

Going from a cardio bunny to a strength queen!

Kellie went from doing

1 strength + 2-3 HIIT to 3-4 Strength + 1 HIIT

1200 calorie dieting to in and out of 2100 calories maintenance calories to the lowest deficit of 1500 calories.

Significantly reduced alcohol intake

Teaching Kellie that less can be more in most cases, patience and to trust the process. As a result within 13 months Kellie has

dropped 3 dress sizes back to size 8

Dropped 11kgs of Body fat

33% Body Fat to 20%BF

loss 13% of body fat!

Increased all lifts by 30%

Added 3 kgs of muscles!!!!!! Bringing her RMR up which means her strong body is now burning way more calories at resting compared to her cardio bunny body.

Now doing predominantly strength training Kellie has gone from regular injuries to zero injuries! This is huge for Kellie! After two hamstring reattachments, a spinal surgery and foot troubles.

Kellie has tracked consistently 480 days on MyFitnessPal and taken all the guidance and advice from her coaches, trained smarter, reduced unhealthy lifestyle choices, and now is feeling incredible for it.

We could not be proud of this super woman!

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