CONGRATULATIONS TO THIS SUPER STAR BERNADETTE!! Bernadette is our latest client of the month. Finding her spot on the wall of fame, Bernadette has had raging success since she first started here at RFT. “B” started with the end goal in mind and hasn’t forgotten it since. She has been renamed “Little Miss Consistent” sticking to🏋🏼‍♀️x3 PT sessions/wk🚶‍♀️committing to increasing her daily movement📓 tracking her food on a consistent basis over a year and a half🥵 and getting 1-2 sweat sessions in per weekAs a result B’s body composition has consistently (and never spiked or increased at any point!) gone down. Body fat has decreased and muscle has either stayed the same or increased. Working in a high pressure full time job, looking after her two precious children, wife, and everything in between Little Miss Consistent definitely deserves these results and more!! I am so very excited to see where 2021 takes her. Watch this space! Coach B & Coach Matty C

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