I hear these questions all the time:

The answer is simple: they can all work.

Yes, it is true that some training programs and nutrition protocols will be better suited to some individuals and their specific goals. However, the truth is if you’re like 95% of the population (not an elite athlete or have medical issues) and you want to get stronger, leaner and healthier, then most plans will work for you if you give them the time and effort they demand.

In other words, you don’t need the perfect plan.

You need to actually do the plan. Consistently.

When it comes to your fitness journey, choose consistency over perfection. Every time.

So how do we become more consistent?

Here are 4 practical things you can do to improve your consistency – massively.

1. Get clear on your ‘why’

Consistency means that you’re making a commitment to yourself to show up each and every day. When life inevitably gets in the way, being reminded of the importance of your goal is going to be the difference between pushing past your comfort zone in order to grow and giving up at the first sign of adversity. Your objective is to do it for long enough for the habit to eventually be cemented in your lifestyle, at which point you won’t have to think about it – but until then, keeping your why as the focus will make the sacrifices you make well worth it!

2. Focus on the process, not the results

Focus 100% of your efforts into actually doing the behaviour required to reach your goal, as opposed to the result that you expect it will have. For example, when you focus on eating a serving of protein and vegetables with every meal instead of getting caught up on losing 0.5kg a week, not only is it a much less stressful focus, but you have a clear target that you know with certainty whether you completed or not.

3. When you fall off the wagon, jump back on quickly

Understand that the very nature of life is a constant back and forth between order and chaos, momentum and speedhumps, wins and lessons. When you miss a workout, overeat for a meal or forget to do yoga, be kind to yourself, identify what caused you to go off track, make the necessary adjustments for the future and get back on the horse as soon as possible. Your progress will be directly proportional to your ability to go through this process with increasing speed and decisiveness each time.

4. Hire a coach

At Real Fitness Training, we truly believe in the power of coaching. In fact, it’s not rare to see our coaches training other coaches. Being held accountable to someone else is a proven way to boost results – especially when motivation and direction are lacking. If you are in the Hills District and surrounding areas contact us to get in touch with one of our world class trainers to change your life around today. We will help you clearly define your goals, create a roadmap to get there and motivate and coach you every step of the way AND you’ll have an incredible community to do life with.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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