Its time to stop, hit the reset and put your health first!

That’s the first benefit of doing a challenge. It actually recommits us to our health and fitness goals. At times we can become complacent and accept okay.

Okay nutrition, Okay exercise, Okay sleep, Okay digestion, Okay mobility, Okay fat loss

It happens, happens to all of us even me too. I got complacent. I stopped taking the time for my health. I still ate well but certainly not enough, I was over caffeinated and under hydrated, I still trained but certainly not with intent and purpose, I was stressed and tight and certainly was not sleeping enough.


Part of the reason would be that I stopped focusing on me, forgetting that you can’t pour from an empty cup and the second part would be that I didn’t have something that I was working towards with an end date. I was sort of just coasting.

That’s the biggest benefit of doing a challenge. It forces you to start taking action rather than just talking about it or dreaming of it. It provides you with a start and end point.

When was the last time you focused on you?

So now we have a set time frame which means we are on our path to success.

So why else should you jump in and join us for the 66 By RFT.

There is next level support and accountability. Yes, our coaches do an amazing job of that but what about the support of a whole tribe who is experiencing the same highs and lows with you. That’s incredible. Having the ability to bounce thoughts and ideas off someone has been proven to be hugely beneficial, I mean we as coaches have taken part in the challenge for the last week with over half the team getting off caffeine. Hand on heart I can assure you I would be back guzzling down that liquid gold if it wasn’t for the support and accountability that my fellow coaches have been giving me.

The knowing that people aren’t alone on their journey and can discuss it with others helps with the process of success.

The key to our challenge isn’t just about dropping weight(mind you we had some huge success back in march with some amazing transformations – check out Sharon’s story here)

The 66 by RFT is built upon habitual change and learning the what, how and why to everything related to health. Over time poor habits can creep back in with out us knowing. An extra wine here or there, abit more takeaway over the weekend, less preparation in the kitchen, whatever it may be. During the course of the 66 days we will be focusing on transforming your patterns of action and implementing some new habits that we believe will allow you to have a more optimal and balanced lifestyle.

There are many benefits to undergoing a challenge, the list is endless however the main reason a challenge can help improve your results is simply the fact that we are humans. We naturally work harder, better and have more focus when we are given the opportunity to take on a new challenge. Also our bodies naturally respond well to either a new way of eating or a different way to training. And that is exactly what the 66 by RFT is all about.

I am 7 days in to my challenge, the first few steps were the hardest but with the support and encouragement from my team who are with me on the journey I got through it, now on day 7 I am feeling better not just physically but more importantly mentally.

Bring on day 66

If you are located near Castle Hill, Pennant Hills, Baulkham Hills, Kellyville, Glenhaven, Kenthurst, Bella Vista, Glenwood or surrounding areas and feel like the 66 BY RFT challenge is just what you have been looking for  something different to your normal LOSE 4 KGS in 4 WEEKS! kind of ads, we are here to teach you proper habitual changes to help you lose weight and shift your mindset. To learn more about the 66 day challenge click here

Coach Mitch

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