How is your 2018 going thus far? Have you achieved what you originally set out to achieve for the year? Or has your motivation dropped off and work, family or mindset has got in the way of your health and fitness goals? Has your intentions faded as the months have gone by? Well I am here to give you some hot tips to pick up your motivation and fire up your mindset and get yourself some results for the rest of the year. Easter has come and gone and your new year’s resolution has still not been achieved? Well we need to fix that. A little check in if you will because everyone deserves to live an optimal, healthy lifestyle. You deserve to be the best version of yourself possible and I believe that 2018 is your year!

So step number 1. Set your intention from the start. What is your why? It has to be a pretty big why. More than just “I want rock hard abs!” Why do you want rock hard abs? In order too?? In order to feel better and look better in my clothes. Why do you want to look better? Get deep. Get to the bottom of why you want to achieve these particular goals? What will it actually mean to you? Find out your “why” from the start and your motivation and determination will last longer and get you further. Write it down and put it somewhere not only you will see it but your family, housemate or a colleague who can also see it and keep you accountable. Writing your goal down and putting it somewhere that will always remind you of it is a great way to stay on track and the physical aspect of writing it down and putting it out there will be a powerful tool for you/for anyone.

Step 2. Inform your circle of influence. What is your “circle of influence”? the closest five people to you need to know what you are wanting to achieve so when social events or outings happen they can support you through it rather than offer you temptations and make the process harder than it needs to be. So identify your closest five people to you. It will usually be whomever you live with, your closest friend and some colleagues. We spend about 70% of our time at work so informing colleagues is an important one. The temptations in the tea room at work can be hard and social drinks at the end of a long week on a Friday do not help. So if someone at work knows your intentions they can support you through the trying times when temptations are high. For example my circle of influence definitely includes my work colleagues, friends and family. Everyone is different and a partner may be included or kids maybe housemates etc. notify your circle of influence and inform them of your health and fitness goals and even telling them your “why” will help them understand why you are undergoing this journey.

Step 3. Once you have written down your goal and your intention and you have informed your circle of influence, it is now time to action it. How will you achieve your goal? There are many ways and steps you can put into place to help you action your goal and there are a thousand and one opinions out there and quite frankly it can be confusing. Well I am her to tell you it doesn’t have to be confusing. Find some help/accountability that genuinely cares about you and your goals and not the dollar signs. a health coach is a good place to start, someone who has a deep understanding on how to help you achieve your results, someone who is purely there to keep you motivated and on track. Knowledge is key when it comes to your health and achieving exactly what you want and deserve to achieve. So do not comprimise your goals, get the help you deserve and take the guess work out of it.

So in summary my three hot tips in order for you to get back on track and regain your motivation, is to:

  1. Write down your “why”. why are you doing this? what is your intention?
  2. Inform your circle of influence
  3. Hire a professional health coach

because we all deserve to live the best life possible one that includes the healthier version of you possible. because if we don’t have our health, what do we have? It’s a ripple effect, if we feel good it will flow into our attitude and personality and mindset. And if our mindset is in a good place so will everything else. We will treat other better because we are treating ourselves better. once we love ourselves and our body that too flows on into all aspects of our life. Don’t believe me? Try it, see what happens.

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