They say stress is one of the most silent biggest killers.
We have heard it before our health is our greatest wealth. But what does that actually mean?

It literally means if you did not have your health you won’t be able to work, which means you wont being having an income which means you wont have the freedom as much you use too, and then steering away from superficial things what about playing with your kids, spending quality time with your family, being able to do the simple things in life spending time in nature, walking, hiking, swimming, everything becomes limited when you become injured, unwell, or start losing your health.

One of the BIGGEST contributors to all of this is stress? Catch 22 most of it comes from work pressures, commitments, and putting yourself last.

We have found more importance in making sure work comes first, But I have a deadline?? Okay so another week of the month you spend it working towards that deadline, another week you let go of your health, you eat badly, you half the amount you exercise, the next week you end up sick and unwell, another week away from exercise. It becomes this awful cycle of getting sick, working to deadlines, and every time you miss that week of looking after you your losing your quality of living.

What if tragic happens?? Something totally unexpected throws you totally of guard, your first reaction is to go back to your old habit, for me that’s sitting in a room, stuffing my face with lots of dark chocolate, and sweet potato crisps (I know I am weirdo) But that’s what I do. I felt extremely sorry for myself and started binging. BUT around a year ago I broke that pattern. I started practicing these three simple steps.

Spend 60 seconds listening to your breath

Observing everything that happens in the body at that time. Just observe it without reaction. So a common reaction straight after you here the bad news, or you are caught up with a 1000s of deadlines, and everything becomes overwhelming I found I tended to go to a more unhealthy habit.

Instead now I literally STOP I notice what’s happening in my body, and I observe it just as it is. If my heart was beating faster, if my stomach is cramping, if my head is pounding, I just sat for 60 seconds and observed it.

Start to listen to your breath and just let whatever happen, happen with no judgment, or reaction.

Easy enough, you would think? Not really, at first my head kept cycling over the event, or kept going back to 1000 of different things I needed to do, but overtime with practice it became clearer and easier. Just like when you train at the gym your muscles get stronger, it is exactly the same for your mind.

From there just jot anything that you need to down. Allow yourself to put your thoughts on paper rather than cluttering your head. There is something quite special when your able to dump things on paper and let it just be.


When you train you release good endorphins, when you release those good endorphins happy hormones are sent throughout the body. Decreases depression, makes you feel good, and your training your body and mind to work towards being healthy and using exercise as a tool to reduce stress rather than emotionally eating.
Whilst your exercising your actually being mindful. Mindfulness decreases anxiety and stress. Each rep, or each kilometer or each yoga session your in the moment completely, your mind is just there.

I literally exercise now for a healthy mind over my body weight, and that makes “that” process so much easier as well. Because naturally when your exercising you start eating healthier too. It becomes a win win situation.

If your feeling overwhelmed, start with doing some yoga, allow your body a balance is training. It doesn’t always have to be go go go.

Take time for you

Can be As simple as a tea, as simple as a bath, as simple as allowing yourself an afternoon out in the sunshine. The world wont stop if you allow yourself 15 minutes for you. It wont stop. I use to think it would. But now I reliazed that the world will not stop nothing will change, expect on how I feel if I allow myself time in a day to stop the grind and just do something I enjoy. Not feeling guilty about it, and knowing that this time I am allowing me is time Im actually doing the world a favour because when I am well, I can be the best person possible.

My favourite..

Bath with
– Epsom salts
– Coconut oil
– Dash of lavender essence
– Dash of baking soda

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