Meet Arya

Arya’s been apart of our youth class since February last year! Well over over a year now! Comes in twice a week to train with me and partakes in footy, basket ball and soccer throughout the week. We spent the first few weeks nailing the fundamentals and engraining all the basics of strength training! Ever since then Arya has willingly taken his training to the next level!!

Doubling all his lifts

50KG’s on the Bench Press

37.5kgs in the heels elevated squat

45kG’s on the Decline Bench

And plenty more…

Arya lives an incredibly active lifestyle which is so inspiring for someone at his age. Beyond grateful he has mastered the fundamentals and it’s benefiting him in his daily movement!

So excited to keep guiding and follow your journey throughout this year Arya! Let’s all give Arya some love in the comments. An amazing example to so many young teens looking to start their journey & invest in their personal growth!

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