Simon has been putting in the work for a good amount of time and his results speak for themselves. Simon owns a business, puts in hours at the office as well as being a father to 3 girls once he gets home.

Simons consistency is second to none ! He comes in to the gym 3x a week every week for the past couple of years gradually getting fitter and stronger each workout.

Through the consistency of training and constant improvement with nutrition Simon has achieved the following results:

Body Weight: Down 1kg

Muscle Mass: Up 2.5kg

Bodyfat%: Down 6%

Waist measurement: Down 10cm

Chest measurement: Down 10cm

Hips measurement: Down 5cm

Arm measurement: Up 2cm

Leg measurement: Up 6cm

Awesome work Simon mate let’s keep it up and gain some strength in the coming months

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