ON TOP OF ACHIEVING LOSING 12% OF HER BODY FAT DROPPING 57.5CM TOTAL CMS LOSS A FAIR FEW DRESS SIZES! Sharon says; Right from the very beginning, one of the first things I noticed was that I felt so much better on the inside well before I started noticing changes on the outside. Since I’ve started my journey with RFT I’ve seen huge increases in energy, fitness and strength levels, well past what my initial expectations were. I am so happy with where I am at (even though there is still so much more to achieve) and never thought that I would enjoy coming to the gym as much as I do. My family is also very grateful that I started my journey as they now have a happy and healthy Wife/Mum. The scales have always been a part of my daily life – I now realised that the scales are only a number, which can change from day to day. How I look in the mirror and how my clothes fit are now my best indication of how I am going not the the scales. RFT has taught me me how to change my lifestyle through better food choices (not dieting but a lifestyle change).If you are looking for the right guidance, support, accountability, and motivation look no further then Real Fitness Training. We have created a non-intimidating environment where everyone cares about you and your results. Contact us today if you are looking for a result like Sharon’s.*Results may vary from person to person. Proper nutrition and movement is essential to losing and maintaining weight loss.

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