Where do I start with this amazing woman… Since day one Rach has been nothing but a sponge for information and then implementation.She’s the definition of “taking the bull by the horns” and has done everything in her power to start making some serious changes to the way she was living life before starting at RFT.She’s smashing her resistance training sessions, her cardio goals and making awesome choices when it comes to her nutrition and food tracking. The best example of this is when my family and I were making a trip out to the country to see my parents for the Australia Day long weekend recently and on the way we stopped off at the dual service stations on the M1 heading towards Newcastle.I popped my head into Oliver’s (the healthy fast food place between the petrol station and McDonald’s) to grab a coffee for my wife and myself and received a tap on the shoulder from none other than Rach herself with her usual beaming smile! Not only had she made an awesome choice by forgoing her normal easier choice of Macca’s on her stop off but she’d done it without expecting to see her trainer there too! If that’s not an awesome example of the work she’s been putting in so far then I don’t know what is. All of these behavioral changes are making such a difference for you Rach and all of us here at RFT are so very proud of you. Keep killing it! After 6 weeks at RFT I have to say that this is the best gym ever and that I absolutely love going every week. Mitch and Vicky have set up a welcoming, caring and totally client-focused culture that is outstanding. I always feel welcomed and every fitness coach says Hi and stops for a quick chat or to share words of encouragement. The culture extends to the clients as everyone introduces themselves to one another, cheers each other on, shares a good laugh and are totally non-judgemental. Throughout my time here I have trained with my coach Grady. Grady has consistently proven his ability to adapt and evolve sessions to my pretty low fitness level and initial high levels of fear of being in a gym, exercising and being able to make real life long changes. Grady’s professionalism, knowledge and genuine desire to improve the fitness and health of his clients is second to none. Grady is approachable, supportive, empathetic, enthusiastic, encouraging, non-judgemental and fun which has helped me personally build confidence in my training to get real results. I now enjoy exercising both at RFT and outside the gym. Grady has also helped me work out my diet, total calories and macros and given me great tips for meal preparation. Importantly Grady has also worked with me on having more of a healthy relationship and growth mindset when it comes to food which is so refreshing after a decade of yo-yo dieting. Highly recommended, actually I can’t recommend Grady and the RFT team highly enough.

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