At Real Fitness Training our goal is to enhance an individuals wellbeing through education on their mindset, movement and nutrition. We do so to create an overall healthy person and to achieve fantastic results. One of the fantastic results we have just recently witnessed is that of Anthony. Anthony had an absolutely fantastic 9 weeks in which he saw a loss of 12kg 20cm 8% Body Fat These results led to Anthony feeling elated and due to his fantastic results he was the winner of the 2016 Summer Body Challenge and Real Fitness Training. Below we asked Anthony exactly how he felt about his experience and his change in lifestyle. “I decided to take the 9 week challenge as nothing I did to lose weight was sustainable. I saw the big changes in my partner Kel, with her physical appearance and mental toughness. This is what i needed and wanted! I was extremely fit as a younger man playing rugby and rowing, so i knew i had the discipline within me, i just needed the support to re-excecute it. You will not believe the difference 9 weeks can make in your life if you set your mind to digging in and getting the job done. It was hard at times but no pain no gain…but i have loved every minute of it. I feel like a younger man!!!!! I get around a lot easier and my confidence has soared. Beliving in yourself and taking the step to better your wellbeing in highly recommended. I’m looking forward to participating in future classes and shedding the last of the unwanted kilos gained by the years of unhealthy living. I cannot thank the Real Fitness Team enough for their guidance and support throughout my new life’s journey. And a big THANKS to WES, my personal trainer and friend” – Anthony Race Anthony is a new man and is showing no signs of slowing down. Keep up the fantastic work Anthony. We can’t wait to help you achieve some even more fantastic results!

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