Meet Nigel,

Over the past 20 months Nigel has:

Dropped 10kgs in body weight

Dropped 13kgs in body fat mass

Dropped 15% in body fat

Built 3.5kgs of muscle

More than tripled his strength

Moving more and feeling amazing

In the beginning Nigel felt sluggish and tired whilst wanting to address his health & begin building a healthier lifestyle after being inspired by his wife who has seen some great results.

For Nigel we have focused on utilising a sustainable nutritional approach that meets his busy lifestyle. The focus has been around sticking to his deficit whilst also allowing for balance and still consuming foods he enjoys. Eating a minimum of 2x BW in grams of protein and consuming 700g+ of plant matter per day. Combining this with 3 strength sessions, 2 conditioning sessions has worked a treat!

Nigel these are some amazing results!! Love your consistency and effort looking forward to seeing you smash Kokoda later this year!!

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