Meet the superstar Caitlin Wilde!

Caitlin started her journey at the RFT in June and dedicated herself fully to achieve her goals.

Caitlin is incredibly consistent and responsible when it comes to her training and nutrition. She tracks all her calories and follows all recommendations that I give to her precisely.

Caitlin’s self-discipline is the key to her success and the results she has already achieved are only proving it.

Caitlin lost 5KG! Effortlessly!

Isn't it amazing?

On top of that Caitlin have has become fitter and stronger and the reason for that is her regular attendance to the classes.

I’m happy to be a witness of such a consistent and clear success of someone who runs towards their fitness and health goals.

I wish Caitlin stunning results in the future and I’ll wait for new achievements in the upcoming weeks.

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