Preethy Nair🤩🤩

Today we’re celebrating Preethy!! 🥳💥🙌🏼

Preethy has placed such high value in her health and fitness which is shown through her:

✅consistency in sessions

✅completing weights training and yoga weekly

✅expanding her knowledge around nutrition and fueling her body

✅pushing her self to grow each week

The last couple of months have been so exciting for Preethy!!

Since starting she’s gained a total of 2kgs of muscle💪🏽 In the last month alone she has gained 1.4kg in muscle and dropped 3.8% body fat🙀

She has progressed in every exercise as well as advance her skills and mobility  🤩🙌🏼🏋️‍♂️

Great work Preethy!! We’re excited to see more ☺️☀️

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