Meet Helen Cooper!

Helen has been working with RFT for about 10 months now and she has been absolutely killing it. She is a mother to two children who are below the age of 5 and she never ceases to amaze me with her effort and dedication each session. Helen is always going above and beyond to push herself and strive for her own individual greatness, without me having to push her. (PS. Which saves me from yelling for those who know me).

I’ve never seen a client who is more harsh on themself and demands so much of them self than Helen and that’s why she’s constantly getting great results.

Besides coming to her 2 X PT sessions a week, Helen and I set a goal to increase her cardio and cardiovascular endurance since taking over her sessions and she hasn’t let the bar slip yet. Giving me 2-3 bike rides a week and 1-2 runs a week … with photo evidence each time she has seen a huge body change.

Since starting with me, Helen has:

Dropped 5kgs in weight

Maintained her muscle mass @23kgs

Dropper 4% body fat

These results are a reflection of hard work, persistence and sheer will to be a better version of you. Not to mention that for the last 3 weeks she has been coming to the gym and giving me her bike rides with a fractured toe….. so what’s your excuse !! You’ve been absolutely killing it and I’m super proud to be your Coach. Keep up the hard work and can’t wait to see where we can go in 10 months time!

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