Legend of the week is……

Brent Wharton!

Since starting at RFT Brent has been working his absolute hardest to be the best version of himself and try prove to himself of what he is capable of. His main goals were to:

1. increase his strength with certain exercises

2. reduce his body fat percentage

3. Build up as much lean muscle as possible

All working towards his goal of being the best & healthiest dad he could possibly be for his new son

With all his hard work day in, day out his most recent scan has showed us how hard he really is working in order to make his goal a reality.

Brent has:

1. Dropped 3kg in weight

2. Dropped 3% body fat

3. Maintained his skeletal muscle mass

You’re an absolute legend and great guy to train! Keep up the hard work big man and your dream will soon become a reality!

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