Everyone meet Peggy!! 92 year old  grandmother of 7 grandchildren!

Before starting at RFT Peggy was using a walking frame, struggled climbing stairs and needed assistance getting up from sitting on the lounge.

At 92 Peggy came in with her son to start working towards strengthening her muscles! If things didn’t change Peggy’s future would entail more muscle loss making it harder to keep mobile and active. In turn making it harder to keep up with her grandchildren.

Since joining RFT Peggy has consistently started weight training once a week in a 1 on 1 session tailored to her specific needs using our meet you where you are at programming!!

Keeping her sessions, engaging with a high mobility focus means what we train together in the studio can flow into her home life. Having a coach to guide her through her program and movements in the safest and most effective way possible has allowed Peggy to excel in her training.

With the support of RFT Peggy has increased her muscle mass by 2.6kg and dropped her body fat by 8.4%!!

Is this not so incredible!!!! Proving that strength training is for EVERYONE!! No matter where you have started in your journey, Peggy has shown us by just starting look at what you can achieve!! She is our hero! We are so proud of her and have no words for her courage and persistence being a role model for so many!

It’s an honour to have you part of RFT Peggy and her son Jonathan who has been the most encouraging son ever! Let’s all take a bit of inspiration from Peggy and squeeze that into our lives! Imagine what we could achieve?!

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