Anna had joined RFT about 4 months ago, since then she has had some huge turn arounds and some pretty amazing life styles changes which has left herself shocked more that anyone !!!

With a list of medical and physical barriers that almost force Anna to stay in bed each and every day she has dug deep to find the energy and drive to push herself and get her dream results instead of waiting for them. Attending the gym 3 times a week for her PT sessions and coming to both a core and stretch class she has been breaking barriers she thought weren’t even possible, and trust me when I say the results show it.

In a little less than 4 months Anna has:

1. Dropped 5kgs in weight

2. Lost a total of 13cm around her chest,waist, arms and legs

3. Walking each and every day at least 6,500 steps which is a huge increase from her 1,500 steps daily

She has jumped over some many barriers in just a short period of time and left not only herself but me and doctors shocked at what she’s been able to achieve 🙌🏽

Let’s give it up for Anna!

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