Meet our Legend of the week, Kate Scott! Since the end of last year I have had the pleasure of watching Kate go from strength to strength not just in the gym but outside of the gym. Kate has made some small changes to her lifestyle over the passed 3 months and it has shown not just on the scale but also in her overall strength and fitness in the gym. Kate’s Lifestyle habits; 1. Walking the dog of an evening for 30 min. 2. Staying away from most processed foods. 3. Eliminating gluten (due to intolerance) 4. Drinking minimum of 2L of water per day. 5. Coming to RFT 3 times a week. 2xPT and 1 times strongfit each week. Kate’s Results; 1. Dropped 8kg body weight. 2. Dropped 4.3% body fat. 3. Maintained muscle mass. Congratulations Kate and awesome work so far. Let’s keep crushing it and striving towards achieving your goals

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