💥This week’s legend of the week is the great Stewart Harrington!💥 This great man has been smashing it for the past 4 weeks! Just over 4 weeks ago Stew made the commitment to building some strong lifestyle habits to help him drop some unwanted body fat. Over the past 4 weeks Stewart has: ✅Stuck strong with his calories and stayed in his calorie deficit each week🥩Hit his protein intake goals everyday 🏋🏻‍♂️ Strength trained 4 times per week 💧Drinking over 3L of water per day As a result of Stew being super adherent to the plan, he has dropped a smashing 5kgs, 2.3% in bodyfat & 11cms in girth measurements! Love your work Stew, keep it up the whole of RFT are so proud! COACH MITCH & DAMON 🐐

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