🥁 Drum roll please Meet Lyndal C our legend of the week! Lyndal has been super zoned in over the last month! Lyndal & myself sat down to look at strategies to help her move closer to her goal whilst keeping the intensity of her training tailored to her needs. Coming up with these strategies increased her adherence as it is now a lifestyle she can follow and enjoy. These lifestyle habits include: 📱Tracking her food everyday 🏋🏻‍♀️ Completing 2 PT Sessions per week 🚶🏽‍♀️Hitting a minimum of 8500 steps per day Over the past month Lyndal has done these every single day and has been compliant to the plan which has resulted in her; ✅Dropping 2.5kgs ⬇️Loosing 3% bodyfat ⬆️Adding 600g of muscle ⬇️Dropping 1 level of visceral fat 😁Feeling better Lyndal these are such amazing results over the past 4 weeks, let’s continue to stay compliant and trust the process can’t wait to see what we can achieve in the future.

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