Meet this week’s legend Alison L!! Alison has been an absolute superstar over the last month. For Alison it has been all about simplifying the process and doing all her daily bams to getting her the results she is looking for.

She has been laser focused on being consistent with her behaviours & enjoying the process she is on. Over the past 4 weeks she has:

Stayed within her weekly calorie and protein count.

Completed 10,000 steps per day.

Completing 2 strength sessions and 2 HIIT sessions per week.

Daily meditation for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Practicing daily gratitude.

Consume a minimum of 2L of water each day.

By ensuring she does these each every day has resulted in her dropping 1.6kgs in body weight and loosing 13cms girth measurements in the last month!!!

Alison the whole of RFT and myself are so proud of how consistent you have been let’s stay persistent and trust the process & we will continue to smash those goals!!


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