Everyone Meet this absolute Legend of the week Mellissa Burge!

I have had the absolute pleasure to train Mellissa over the passed 6 weeks virtually. Mellissa is an accountant who works long hours sitting at a desk for most of the day and was fed up with not being able to lose and keep off some unwanted weight.

In the passed 6 weeks Mel has been smashing her goals so far. Mel has changed a few lifestyle habits such as;

1. Tracking food every day.

2. Focusing on getting in enough protein per day.

3. Hitting her 2 Pt sessions per week.

4. Smashing 2 Virtual RFT sweat classes per week.

5. Running twice a week consistently.

By changing these habits Mel has seen these awesome results in her first 6 weeks with RFT;

1. Down 4kg of Body Weight.

2. 5min off her 5km run time.

3. Increased Daily energy.

4. Less Daily stress.

5. Increased Confidence.

And this is just the beginning!! I can’t wait to see where all of Mel’s lifestyle changes will take her on this Journey. It has been a pleasure to coach you and help you achieve some small wins so far Mel!

Let’s keep smashing it

Coach KB

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