Meet MATTHEW PENFOLD! 💪🏽Matt has been absolutely killing it since he started at RFT a little over 3 months ago. Matt started with the goal of dropping body fat and increasing overall body image and strength! So far he has smashed all of that! From the start Matt has been smashing out: 2x PT 🏋️sessions and 2-3x Sweat 🏃sessions per week every week. Matt has also been tracking his calories and hitting his protein targets consistently without missing a day 👍🏼 and going for a walk or run at least twice per week. In 12 weeks Matt has not only dropped over 3% body fat and maintained all his muscle mass but has also increased his strength dramatically with the following lifts: Bench press. Start: 20kg Now: 45kg Squat: Start: 15kg Dumbbell Now: 65kg Barbell Rack pull: Start: 30kg Now: 55kg Through all this consistency Matt brings and the effort he puts into every training session he has achieved these amazing results in just over 12 weeks. Awesome work Matt lets keep smashing those goals and congratulations on being Legend of the Week 💪🏽💪🏽

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