⭐️Vanessa Buhagiar⭐️ is this weeks legend!! Since I started training Vanessa at the end of last year she has been very resistant to a lifestyle change. Until recently about a month ago Vanessa decided to start tracking every thing she eats, the good the bad the ugly 😂😁 From this passed month Vanessa has; 1. Created a better relationship with food.2. Started to understand how many calories are in certain foods! (Such as chicken breast, fruits and chocolate cake) 3. Learnt that she feels less bloated if she stays within her calorie range.4. Understood the importance of not leaving anything out.5. Lastly has figured out that in order to lose fat she has to create a meaningful change within her life outside of the gym. I am super proud of you Vanessa and am excited to see how good your results will be from this consistency through these uncertain times and when we get back in to the gym permanently. Let’s keep smashing it!

Coach KB 💪🏽😁

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