Meet this week’s legend: Nicole C! Nicole has been putting the work in throughout lockdown. Since lockdown begun Nicole has been focused on doing all the little things right around her health to get her feeling and looking better by not allowing herself to get into a funk throughout lockdown. It has been all about keeping it simple, by focusing on prepping her food each week, logging her food into her food diary, hitting her daily movement by hitting her step target which includes walking on her lunch break to get her away from her desk & completing her strength sessions per week have allowed her to be compliant to the plan. Over the past 3 weeks she has dropped 2kgs and is feeling amazing and is loving what she is doing. Nicole has put it down to ensuring she does these habits daily as the reason for her result! Nicole, RFT & myself are so proud of your achievements let’s keep sticking to the plan can’t wait to see what we can achieve going forward!


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