This weeks Legend of the week is none other then the man himself Nigel McEwan. Since starting at RFT 1 month ago Nigel has been absolutely smashing it 💪🏽 Nigel came to RFT initially to lose a little bit of weight and to get better at dealing with his stress of work. Working long hours 5 days a week Nigel has still found time to; 1. Consistently trackhis food. 2. Consistently hit the gym 4x a week (2x Sweat classes and 2x PT) 3. Increased water to 3L a day 4. Increased protein in each meal Through these awesome habits Nigel has achieved some amazing results not just physically but mentally. Nigel has been able to deal with work stresses a lot better while getting these incredible results; 1. ⬇️ 1.9kg body weight 2. ⬆️ 1.5kg in muscle mass 3. ⬇️ 3.7% Body fat Congratulations Nigel you are killing it mate let’s keep it up 💪🏽💪🏽

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