LEGEND OF THE WEEK: Meet Sam P! Sam has been quietly working away for quite some time now with the aim to decrease his body fat and build muscle and strength. For Sam it has all been about making small changes to help set him on the path to a result. Over the course of this year Sam has ensured he completes a minimum of 1 Strength & 1 HIIT Session per week, whilst also adding protein at every meal and making sure he sets time aside to consume his meals & keeping his caffeine intake to only two per day. These small changes have allowed Sam to drop ⬇️ 5% in Bodyfat, 💪🏻 build 1kg of muscle Built his chin ups from 2 straight to 8 straight! 😲 Sam I am so proud of your consistency this year, let’s keep it going can’t wait to see what else we can achieve! COACH DAMON 🤟🏻

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