ASH TAN! 💥💪🏼 Say g’day to Ash everyone. This legend has smashed his first 6 weeks of his program. He has totally taken on board the RFT philosophy when it comes to his lifestyle. When asked what areas Ash has changed, he replied… “Food wise I’ve been very conscious on portion control, usually dividing my plate up, going quarter carbs, quarter protein and half veggies. Definitely focused on eating more protein rich food and vitamin supplements like magnesium and Vitamin D. Also having minimal sugar.” “Exercise I’ve focused on upping the cardio, especially after the Tues and Thurs SPT strength sessions with the HIIT finisher and then interval running. I do core workouts at home for up to an hour as well after these sessions.” “I have made sure to meet and exceed my step counts every day and add in one or two bush walks each week minimum 5km.” “I’ve made a lot of effort as well to get good sleep and rest on my rest days, which I also started stretching on as well.” There you have it. Straight from the legends mouth! This new lifestyle has seen Ash increase his muscle mass by almost 1kg while dropping 1.3% body fat. He is stronger on all major lifts and his cardio fitness is increasing dramatically! Well done Ash! Keep up the superb effort! 👍🏻 Coach Wes

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