Take a look at this amazing transformation by an equally amazing human being! Kel, aka KP, aka Rocky, came to RFT in February of 2015 with, in her words, a ‘vanity’ goal, of wanting to look better. Kel says that she hated how she felt in clothes and so set about doing something to change that. Like many, Kel’s way of thinking was that low fat yoghurts, Diet Coke, cereals and breads for fibre and less total calories overall, were the smarter choices. Fat was the enemy. She was open to a complete overhaul to her nutrition which included eliminating gluten, dairy and all processed sugars. Kel’s exercise history included the odd game of netball. Never had a desire to take up strength training for the fear of getting ‘bulky’. She now lifts like a demon and has learnt that to achieve her desired body shape, strength training combined with eating the correct amount of carbs, protein and fats is key to building and maintaining lean muscle mass while stripping body fat. As you can see, the results speak for themselves! Down almost 18kg and having gained a lot of lean muscle tissue in the process, her metabolism is much healthier. Her sugar cravings have all but disappeared. Regular migraines are non-existent. Kel says “it’s great to have a goal of wanting to look better, but I quickly learnt that being healthy is pretty awesome!” Congratulations KP! You’ve done an amazing job and we at RFT are extremely proud of you and we all consider you not just a client but a true friend! Keep up the great work and the sky is the limit!

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