Where do I start with Kellie burns?💁‍♀️ After menopause and all the hormonal/body changes that come with it, Kel found herself 10kgs heavier and absolutely exhausted. 😥 Kel has tried a few things like getting back into running, dropping the calories and doing a bit more HIIT but could not shift the extra weight off. That’s when she had enough 🙅‍♀️and sat down for a goals session with her Coach/co-founder Vicky to come up with a plan. Vicky and Kellie mapped out the goals 🗓Kellie wanted to achieve and put a plan in place. It was the opposite to what Kel had tried before that use to get her results but left her feeling burnt out and exhausted. Vicky knew Kel had to trust her because as many of us do, we go to what we know has worked before but the problem was lots of running / HIIT and low calories wasn’t working and was only leaving Kel feeling worse off. Over the past 6 months they have been working closely together strategising Kel’s macronutrients /calories, increased NEAT (increased Step count), decrease of HIIT and added in an extra strength session (Semi private Personal Training). This meant Kel was now doing 3 -4 strength sessions a week. With constant feedback on how she was sleeping, energy levels and digestion, we started to see some incredible results. Biggest shift of all was Kel was committed to her results for the long – term. Kellie we are so proud! So here she is 6 months later:✅ With a streak of 173 entries into MyFitnessPal ✅ 40 days without alcohol ✅ 10kgs less fat ✅ Added 1.5 kgs of muscle✅ Fitting comfortably into her size 8 again✅ Tripled her strength! ✅ Completed her very first box jump since her back surgery Kel has been lucky to have 1200-1400 calories prior to this and constantly using running or HIIT to strip the body fat which led to injuries, and exhaustion! We are now in the process of building pass 2000+ calories with the right training plan in place we know Kel will only be getting from strength to strength! Success is not linear, and consistency is key 🔑. Well done Kel for your commitment! We are so proud of you trusting the process, doing the homework and keeping 100% committed!!

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