15% BF 72CM OVERALL 13KGS It is not often you hear someone say they are happy at where they are with their health but for Karen it is what she says daily now she has managed to reach her health goal. What an incredible change from Karen. Karen started with us at 33% body fat, fatigued and unhealthy and now is maintaining a very healthy, strong 18% BF. What a difference it has made to her life. By combining structured strength training, a small amount of HIIT and regular Yoga plus eating to her macronutrients Karen has managed to lose 25cm just from her waist. As we know this is the most important when it comes to weight loss. Less visceral fat and pressure around the organs. By having a positive mindset, increasing movement, nourishing the body with the right fuel, and the right education to how to get there we know creates a healthy long term lifestyle. We have loved watching Karen on her journey, now she is enjoying all the benefits that a healthy lifestyle brings. With the increased confidence and strength Karen even saw changes in her career and personal life. It doesn’t stop here for Karen. Karen now has set goals around building strength which is requiring her to eat enough food to support that. Who ever thought she would be saying that when she first started. As we are not a one size fits all with our one on one personal training we know she is going to continue to achieve all her goals she sets out and enjoy her healthy lifestyle. With Karen’s healthy new lifestyle she is enjoying her life even more and feels better within herself since starting with Real Fitness Training. Well done Karen! I begun at RFT in March 2017, at 31 I was feeling fatigued, stressed and generally unfit, I thought that was normal as my siblings and friends were feeling the same. I was also gaining weight steadily since my late 20’s. A friend that I had not seen in a while had commented on my weight and how tired I looked and asked if I was ok. That comment gave me the push that I needed to do something about the way I was feeling. The next day I googled personal trainers in the hills area, I did want to to join any gym as I needed accountably and guidance as I have had major knee surgery. Real Fitness Training was the first one that came up on the search, I looked into the many others in the area but I kept going back to the RFT website. So I made the enquiry, Mitch called me back, he was so encouraging and motivating, I signed up for a weeks trail, from then I started 2 PT sessions a week, semi private classes, group classes and yoga. Everyone is so welcoming, encouraging and supportive it is like a family. The personal trainers are amazing and I would not have achieved the results without them. In the last 9 months I have lost 12kg, I am happier, fitter, stronger, motivated, less stressed and less fatigued. I have learnt how to eat healthy. I enjoy the challenges set by the team to achieve my goals. I can’t thank the RFT team enough for their knowledge, experience, support and encouragement.Karen Norman If you are looking for the right guidance, support, accountability, and motivation look no further then Real Fitness Training. We have created a non-initimdating environment where everyone cares about you and your results. Contact us today if you are looking for a result like Karen’s.*Results may vary from person to person. Proper nutrition and movement is essential to losing and maintaining weight loss.

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