This months legend is the man himself

Jude Adikari

Over the past 11 months Jude has gone from strength to strength! Jude not only stayed super consistent with weight training through the lockdowns and since the lockdowns! He also started running twice a week and has gradually build up to running 16km!!!

Jude hasn’t just gotten better with running, he has also gained a significant amount of strength at the same time, by doing absolutely nothing fancy and sticking to the basics Jude’s results speak for themselves:

Body weight: Down 4kg

Bodyfat%: Down over 12%

Muscle Mass: Increased over 3kg

Running: Increased to 14km

Trap bar deadlift: Increased by 35kg

Barbell back squat: Increased by 20kg

Jude hasn’t just achieved these results by going through lockdown, he has also had the challenge of becoming a father of 2, his second daughter being born just before lockdown. With this challenge Jude didn’t just go through the motions… he thrived and is on the path to achieve all his goals of 2021.

It’s the mindset Shift of Jude that we at RFT have noticed the most! It’s awesome to see the way you have grown Jude, let’s keep smashing it and finish the year strong

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