Legend of the week for this week is none other than my amazing Partner Jessica Barber

Jess has been absolutely awesome over the past 5 weeks!! She had changed her habits around training and nutrition in order for her to loose some of the baby weight she had put on while being pregnant!!  

Jess has stuck to the following habits:

1. Weight training 2x a week.

2. Food tracking

3. Hitting daily protein

4. Hitting daily calorie average

Due to these habits Jess has:

1. Lost 6.5kg

2. Gained 1kg of muscle

3. Lost 3.5% BodyFat

4. Gained core strength

5. Feels 100 times better

Jess I am soo overly proud of how well you have done in such a short time!! You are doing amazing all while breastfeeding and looking after our beautiful Daughter Eloise!! That is an awesome effort

Coach KB

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