Jay has been attending RFT’s Semi Private program since late May this year and as you can see, he has absolutely blitzed it so far! He says there are three main things that have changed for him since starting his journey… Firstly, his mindset. He came in with the goal of reaching 15% BF and is determined to get there. As you can see, he is well on his way! Secondly, he says his combination of structured intermittent fasting while still following his RFT advised calories for the day has been extremely successful. Thirdly, Jay says the RFT Semi Private workouts and yoga have been key. He went on to state that in the past he had only focused on weight training and karate. He says the the mix of strength training and HIIT in the Semi Private workouts has really made a big difference. As a self proclaimed ‘foodie,’ Jay says this lifestyle is very sustainable and he feels very satisfied. He told me his blood pressure is down, he is feeling good, focused and strong! 💪🏼 On behalf of the RFT crew, congratulations Jay! It’s an awesome effort you’ve put up so far and we can’t wait to see you kick more goals out of the park!

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