I was asked by my friend to join her at the gym for 45mins, who knew what a game changer that could be? I was terrified, being so unfit and overweight I was so scared walking into the gym, which was surely going to be my downfall, but to my surprise it has turned my life around, and after spending 45min with Vicky, I knew that I could do anything that I put my mind to.It turns out that Vicky was what I needed in my life. She is my source of strength and inspiration, and I now truly know what it means to be pushed to my limits. I’m still in shock, thinking that now (4months down the track) I’m 20kgs lighter, and have never felt better. The amount of effort, thought and consideration that Vicky puts into each of my sessions goes above and beyond the call of a personal trainer. Each session is completely different from the next and that’s the most exciting part, you never know what’s coming next, keeps us all on our toes. The amount of dedication that both Vicky and Mitch have to their clients is truly wonderful, always adapting sessions to fit all my needs and squeezing me in with their busy schedules. I’m so ecstatic as to where I’m headed in the future (8km runs, half marathons the works) and this is only possiblebecause of the amazing things that I’ve been able to achieve with the guidance and support of Vicky and Mitch. I look forward to each day that we work together and the next goals that we have in mind for the future. *Results may vary from person to person. Proper nutrition and movement is essential to losing and maintaining weight loss.

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