This may look to many a huge physical transformation but this was so much more than that. Nikki was referred to RFT by a family friend and Nikki’s beautiful mother rang us to book in a time to see Co-founder Vicky to go through a blueprint session. It was all booked in ready to go when Nikki decided last minute that she did not want to go. She refused. So after canceling her first appointment saying she was sick, Vicky followed up to check in to see if she was feeling okay with no idea that the real reason why she canceled was because she HATED exercise, she HATED everything to do with GYM & she was nervous and scared. Who has been there before? It is no lie when they say the first step is the hardest. This was true for Nikki but her transformation is what truly makes us say WOW. She did not believe we would be different! #Wearenotyouraveragegym Vicky sat down with Nikki and her mum to take them through what RFT could offer. This was all back in April. Now 6 months later her transformation physically and mentally has been out of this world. Dropping 16% body fat, losing 34.5cm girth, adding 5 kgs of muscle & losing 11.1 kgs of fat. These transformations may seem all number oriented but I have seen more than that with Nikki. Nikki has gone from strength to strength. From eating McDonalds daily to now 0 and actually feeling the difference and becoming so much more aware of how she actually feels when she consumes fast food. She has developed a healthier relationship with food and with her body which has now improved her sleep, mood and energy levels. Nikki could hardly squat with a 15kg bar on her back but now completes her body weight plus more with a set of 6! Nikki trains daily and LOVES it. From a kid who would send sick notes for sport at schoolto now someone who will try ANYTHING! She loves challenging herself with her sessions and even took up adult ballet and gymnastics! Nikki commits herself weekly to her health at Real Fitness Training with strength training 4 times a week, HIIT and yoga classes. when she gets the chance she absolutely loves spending that time using her body and mind doing different activities. Nikki we are so proud of you. Mostly for taking that first step we know it was not easy but to see where you are now is so inspiring. Thank you for being an absolute legend! When I walked into my first consultation at Real Fitness 4 months ago,I was feeling scared and nervous, to say the least. In fact, I had cancelled my previous consultation over the phone just minutes before it was scheduled. I expected to hear an annoyed tone but instead they asked me if everything was okay and was there another time that would suit me better.I think this first experience sums up the entirety of my time with Real Fitness. The coaches have a seemingly endless supply of compassion, care and enthusiasm. Those qualities don’t even include their encyclopedia of knowledge and expertise on nutrition and training.I think the fact that I have gained strength and lost a couple of kilos is pretty small compared to the newfound respect I have for my body and health. The fact that I enjoy training, sometimes like to flex my biceps in the mirror and have stopped eating macca’s everyday are huge wins.If you’ve made it to the end of this review, you can probably guess that I highly, highly recommend Real Fitness Training!! Nikki Singh

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