Client Of The Month Michael Harvey! 🌟 Michael had an incredible year in 2020 where we saw him make some big changes to his life! Some truly incredible results followed as well from his pure consistency and trust in the program!Since joining RFT in 2020, Michael has: – Dropped 8.5kg body weight! ⚖️ – Added 1.5kg muscle mass 💪🏼 – Dropped a massive 10.6kg of fat mass! – Dropped 10% Body Fat! – Added 13 points to his Inbody Score 🙌🏼 – Significantly reduced his blood pressure to a healthy range! – Dropped 6 Visceral Fat levels into a healthy range! – Significantly improved our strength lifts, from practicing technique with the bar, to pulling over 100kg on the trap bar comfortably! 🏋🏼 All of this is due to Michael making good habits a part of his life and training hard when he is in the gym! He managed these results even whilst being away on holidays for a few weeks in January showing it’s possible to avoid the silly season hiccup! Stay on the path you are on Michael and I can’t wait to see what else we can achieve in 2021!

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