Biggest Strength Gains of 2022

This year we crowned Nichola H as having the biggest strength gains of 2022.

Nichola has put a lot of effort in over the past 12 months and makes time for her strength training between working and being a Mum of 2 under 5.

Nichola started the year off the year with the aim of building her strength whilst also dropping some kgs & let me tell you she has done more than that.

For Nichola we have focused nailing the key movement patterns and applying progressive overload week in and week out with her training 3 times per week. Combine this with sticking to a caloric deficit whilst meeting her protein targets, has seen Nichola go from:

Back Squat max weight has gone from 57kgs to 112.5kgs in 12 months (increase of 97%)

Rack Pull max weight has gone from 69kgs to 125kgs in 12 months (increase of 81%)

Bench Press max weight has gone from 47kgs to 64kgs in 12 months (increase of 34%)

Overhead Press max weight has gone from 32kgs to 47.5kgs in 12 months (increase of 48%)

Has increased in all of her lifts whilst also dropping 10kgs!!

Nichola the whole of RFT & myself are so proud of your results and effort over this year, can’t wait to smash some more goals leading into 2023!!


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