Big ups to this weeks legend John K!!

6 weeks ago sat down & refined what his main focus was going to be over winter and where he was looking to go in terms of his health and fitness. With the focal point being around his nutrition and knuckling down on his calories and protein targets.

Over the past 6 weeks he has been hard at work and has nailed his weekly caloric & protein targets over the 6 weeks. We combined this with his exercise regime consisting of 2 Strength Sessions, 1 HIIT Session, 1 Yoga Sessions & 2 Martial Art Sessions.

His adherence and consistency with the plan has resulted in John:

Dropping 2.5kgs in BW

Building 500g of muscle

Dropping 2% of Body fat

Dropping over 12cms in girth measurements

4 Personal Beats across his 4 key lifts !!

This is an amazing achievement in just 6 weeks!! I am super proud of your achievement John keep it up, can’t wait to see what is ahead before the end of winter !!

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