Check this amazing transformation of Amit, from when he first started with us until now 😮!! He’s feeling and looking better than ever!!〰️“These photos are 4 years apart or a little more than that, but this transformation’s credit goes a lot to RFT and its team. Along with my exercises/classes (which I want to increase and make it more as a discipline), I try to maintain my healthy eating habits; thanks to RFT for putting me into that. Also thanks to my wife Ruchi for dragging me into RFT in the beginning, which has now become part of a routine. Once again thanks to your yoga classes and Dibs training in last one year to help me come this far. And, looking forward to continue doing this with Eddie!”〰️Being so passionate about your job and working crazy hours, it can be hard sometimes to put out some time to train. But Amit makes the effort and ensures to challenge himself each time he’s in the studio- and it’s really paying off. You’re doing fantastic, Amit! Keep it up 👍. *Results will vary person to person

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