Hey everyone, Meet Paul Turner

Paul has been with RFT for 4 years now and he hasn’t missed a beat since starting!! With each and every session he gives it his absolute all and what surprises me the most is that after 4 years you would think that he’d be content with his results …. But no, he’s always trying to be better in each and every way.

Working a time committed job and having Tess to look after, Paul makes time to prioritise his health and fitness each and every day. He’s never making excuses as to why he can’t come, he’s always re-booking in if he can’t make it and always willing to try new classes to better himself.

Having Paul in my POD’s as a coach is an absolute pleasure. He’s a client who puts his head down once the timer has started and strives for greatness. He’s extremely friendly, always down for a chat and has such amazing banter with the 5:45am podders and others in the gym.

You’re a legend in each and every way Paul and your hard work, commitment and dedication has shown in your results and how well you move. Keep up the hard work big Paulie and congratulations!

Silver Fox

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