ALEX’S CURRENT RFT RESULT STATUS IN A SHORT 12 WEEKS Decrease of 6 kgs6.6kgs body fat down+0.5kg muscle8.3% body fat downVisceral fat level from 8 to 5.Hi Vicky and Mitch,I just wanted to reach out to you to express my utmost gratitude for what RFT has brought to my life. I think it would be remiss of me to not let you know personally what a difference you’ve made to my overall health and well-being (over the past 3 months). I’ve tried everything, diets, exercise programs and nothing ever worked for the long term, I hit a weight that I was happy with and then went back to old ways and put the weight back on.Finally after rejecting it for years, I realised that weight training would help lose the fat so I decided to join RFT to teach me technique and how to lift properly to lose the weight. What I didn’t realise was that there is so much more to weight loss than that. Your program has brought me so much more vitality and feeling fit and healthy that the “weight loss” is just incidental (I never thought this was possible!). I actually now don’t mind what I see in the mirror and since my wedding 12 years ago I have never been happy with my reflection. The way you conduct your business is exceptional – I have been in the corporate space for many years and seen a lot of small business operations but I see the way you treat your employees, and the environment and culture you have. I absolutely loved your ad for hiring – it was sooo telling in what you guys stand for and I especially love that you were looking for people with a growth mindset. It’s just obvious why you are award winners and I love that you’re so humble and genuine at the same time.The work you do to help the community is just icing on the cake – I am also passionate about mental heath so overall you guys are legends. I know you must hear it all the time but truly I am so thankful that I found you and changed my mindset about losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. It has truly changed my life and I’ll be forever grateful to you guys. Pics for reference, super stoked with my progress in 3 months! Love you guysAlex

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